NatureFootage Clipbins Overview

Active Clipbin and Clipbin Manager

Your Active Clipbin is your default clipbin and can be found on your left side panel below your cart while viewing clips. Any clips you add by using the 'Add to Clipbin' icon  or by the Actions dropdown menu will go to your Active Clipbin.


Your Active Clipbin will be highlighted in bold in the "Clipbin Manager" list on the left side panel, below your cart.

When you create a Clipbin, by default it will be set as Active. However, if you have more than one clipbin and you would like to make another Clipbin Active, click on the Gear icon  for the Clipbin and choose "Make Active". Your Clipbin will be highlighted in bold once it has been made Active.

You must register or sign-in to access the Clipbin Manager, which allows you to save, organize, rename, delete, and email a clipbin.

The Clipbin Manager also enables you to easily drag and drop clips into multiple clipbins.

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