NatureFootage Discounts


Per Second Rates
Per second rates are available for orders greater than 30 Seconds. To receive a per second rate, Contact Us with the Clip IDs and the durations you would like to license for each clip.

Non-Profit Discounts
A non-profit discount of 10% is available, but can not be combined with any other discounts. Contact Us if you are a non-profit and would like a non-profit discount applied to your order.

Discounts for Television Productions 
We offer discounts for television productions or organizations that license large quantities of footage for television throughout the year. Please Contact Us about our Preferred Vendor program for discounted rates for you or your affiliated organization.

We offer discounted rates for organizations and productions other than television through our Subscription program. Please Contact Us about our Subscription program for discounted rates if you or your affiliated organization plan to license a large volume of footage throughout the year.
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