NatureFootage Rights-Managed vs. Royalty-Free

Rights-Managed vs. Royalty-Free

NatureFootage offers clips that are either available with a Rights-Managed or Royalty-Free license.

Rights-Managed  Budget       Standard       Premium       Gold
Rights-managed licenses allow for a clip to be used for a single production or campaign where terms are specified for the use, distribution, territory, and duration. NatureFootage Rights-Managed categories include:
  • Advertising
  • Cinema
  • Television
  • Web/Display/Presentation (New Media).

Royalty-free licenses allow for a clip to be used by the licensee in unlimited productions more than once and without additional license fees. NatureFootage offers three categories of Royalty-Free licensing:
  • Web, Display and Presentation
  • Television and Monetization
  • All Media Including Advertising

For more details on each Royalty Free license, please review the Royalty Free License Fees help article.

Rates vary based on use, distribution, duration, camera format, and rarity of footage. Accompanying each clip is a pricing calculator. Select the use category on the pricing calculator to determine the rate for a specific use. Learn more about Pricing.

As each production is unique, it is good to understand license options, so that you are sure to get the distribution rights you require for your project. NatureFootage has standardized the use categories to fit the distribution of most productions. It is possible to secure only the rights you need for a project and upgrade a license later, if needed; however, it may be best to secure the broadest rights possible for some projects.

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