How to Order & Making Payment

            Add Clips to Your Cart
            You can add the desired clips to your Cart from Search Results or a Clipbin using the following options:
            1. Click the ‘Add to Cart’ icon  that appears while hovering your mouse over a clip.
            2. Drag-and-drop the clip from the Search Results to the Cart Panel.
            3. Click the white checkbox on the upper right while hovering over a clip to select one or multiple clips, then drag the clip(s) into the Cart Panel on the left or select the 'Add Selected to Cart' option from the Actions menu. 
            Please note you cannot drag clips from the Clipbin Panel on the left to the Cart. Dragging a clip from the Clipbin or Cart panel will remove the clip. Drag-and–drop only works when dragging the clip from the Clipbin or Search Results page.

            Select the License Category, Usage, Terms, Duration, and Delivery Options from the cart. For more information about pricing view the Pricing Guide.

            Credit Card Payment
            We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Your footage will be ready for delivery after your order is approved.

            Wire, ACH Deposit, or Check Payment
            We also accept Wire Transfer, ACH Direct Deposit, or Check as payment. Payment details are available at the bottom of your invoice for these payment methods. Your footage may not be immediately available to download if you are paying by any of these methods. Please Contact Us if you need urgent delivery or would like to be pre-approved.
            Updated: 02 Aug 2019 08:42 AM
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