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            PREVIEW CLIPS
            NatureFootage offers low-resolution watermarked preview clips available to download for Comping purposes only to all users. These are available by clicking the 'Preview Download' icon  over each clip. This agreement allows you to easily use the clip for internal editing and testing purposes in your production. To download preview media for all clips within a Clipbin, please refer to this Help Article here.

            NatureFootage offers complimentary full-resolution screeners to our Preferred Vendors.
            Otherwise, full-resolution screeners are available starting at $25 USD per clip ($250 USD per order maximum) for our customers that are not a part of our Preferred Vendor network.

            We frequently receive requests to donate footage. The agreement that we have with our cinematographers requires that we charge fair rates for their footage. These cinematographers work hard in the field using expensive equipment and often under challenging conditions. While we are able to provide discounts under various circumstances, we are unable to provide footage for free.

            Updated: 24 Oct 2017 02:48 AM
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