Browse by Species

Browse by Species

There are over 6,000 species in our stock footage collection.  An alternative method to searching for these species is to use our browse interface, which allows you to search our video catalog by family group, common names, and Latin names of terrestrial marine animals and plants.

The Browse by Species page can be found under the Browse menu, located in the upper left corner of the NatureFootage menu bar:

Species are first organized into pages based on what class they belong to and where they live.  For example, you can see there are two Bird browse pages, one for land birds and one for marine birds.

In each browse page, species are organized into what we call Family Groups.  Family Groups are listed in alphabetical order, with the total number of species that we have footage of in each Family Group.  

Click on a Family Group, and you will see a list of all species in said Family Group that we have footage of in the NatureFootage collection.  For example, the "Penguin" Family Group contains search links for all penguin species available on our site. 

If you are having trouble finding a specific species within a family group, try doing an internet search for the species scientific family name to see what other animals are also a part of that scientific family.  For example, Jays are a part of the Corvidae family, which also contains Ravens, Crows, and other birds.  So you will find all Jay species in our collection listed on the Raven and Crow family group page in the Birds category.

On a family group page, species are listed in alphabetical order by common name.  The Latin name, conservation status, and the number of clips per species is included alongside each species common name.

Click on one of the species listed, and it will take you to a search page displaying all clips available on the site for that particular species.  For example, if you click on "Emperor Penguin", you will be redirected to this search page containing all of our Emperor Penguin footage:

Each Family Group page also displays related search categories for locations or behavior related to the Family Group beneath the list of species:

The main browse pages also have similar suggested categories listed below the family groups, as you can see by this example on the Marine Birds page:

For alternative methods of searching for footage, please see our How to Search help article.
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