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NatureFootage allows you to make detailed searches to quickly find the exact shot you need. You can perform a Keyword Search and use the Search Filter to fine-tune your results.


Here is a short video demonstrating searching on Nature Footage. It also shows several ways of sharing your search results.


As mentioned in the video above, if you are looking to view all footage of a specific species in our collection, one way you can do so is by looking through our Browse by Species pages, which allows you to search our video catalog by family group, common names, and Latin names of terrestrial marine animals and plants.

Keyword Search is the quickest way to search for the footage you need. From the Search Toolbar on the top of every page, enter keywords in the text box, and click ‘Search.'

By default, multiple word keyword searches finds only results that includes ALL of the keywords you enter into the search bar.

To widen the search, use ‘OR’ (all caps) before each keyword you would like to include in your search. For example, a keyword search for lake OR pond OR river will find clips containing lakes, ponds, or rivers.

To narrow a search, use ‘NOT’ (all caps) before each keyword you would like to exclude from your search. For example, a keyword search for whale NOT shark NOT killer will find whales, but exclude whale sharks and killer whales.

To do an exact search use quotations “ “. A search for “whale shark” will find clips only with the exact phrase whale shark.

Another method to widen your search is to use root words.  For example, if you search for 'animals bathing', then your search results will only display animal clips that contain the specific keyword 'bathing'.  Instead, shorten your search to 'animal bath'.  By doing so, your search will include clips with any keyword starting with the word 'bath', such as 'bath', 'bathe', and 'bathing', and thus widening your search results.

When searching for specific animal behaviors, be sure to include synonyms of the behavior you are looking for in your searches.  For example, if you are looking for all footage in our collection of elephants feeding, conduct searches using synonyms of the word 'feed', such as:
elephant feed
elephant eat
elephant graze
elephant browse
You can also use 'NOT' to eliminate clips from previous searches that contain a specific keyword, like so:
elephant feed
elephant eat NOT feed
elephant graze NOT eat NOT feed
elephant browse NOT graze NOT eat NOT feed


You can also use the Search Filters panel on the left hand side of the Search Results page to narrow your search results by keyword, clip type, license type, price level, format, date added, and duration.  Simply type in a new keyword or select at least one of the checkbox options available, then click the "Filter" button.

Use 'Search Within Results' field to limit your current search results with a new keyword. For example, if you are viewing search results for 'yellowstone', but would like to limit your search to only show Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone, add the new keyword 'grizzly bear' to this field and click the "Filter" button.

All footage in our collection is placed into one of these categories: Nature & Wildife and Ocean & Adventure.  If you would like to filter your search results to only view land based locations, behaviors, and species, then select Nature & Wildlife.  If you would like to filter your search results to only view ocean related locations, behaviors, and species, then select Ocean & Underwater.

Under the Clips and Edited Videos section, you have the option to filter your search by Single Clips (clips that contain a single shot) and Edited Videos.  Please note that the pricing & licensing for Edited Videos is different than it is for Single Clips.  For more information about Edited Videos, please review our help article: Licensing Content from the NatureFlix Collection

If you are looking for clips within a specific price range, or for a specific license, then filter your clips using the checkbox options available under License Type and Price Level.  For more information on licenses and pricing, please view our Licensing Guide and our Pricing Guide.

If you are looking for a specific format, use the options available under Format Category.  In our collection, we have clips available as high as 8K resolution.

In addition to adding new keywords to filter your search in the "Search Within Results" field, you can also use our many suggested keywords in the menus below to filter your search.  Click on the menu title to view all options available, then select whichever keyword checkboxes you would like to use, and click "Filter".

The menu under the Date Added section allows you to filter your search results so you can only view newly submitted clips up to a year old, or to filter your search results to view older clips that were submitted to NatureFootage over a year ago.

Lastly, the menu under the Duration section allow you to filter your search results by duration.  This is different than sorting your search results by Duration, which is a menu option in the upper right corner of the search results page.  Sorting your clips by duration sorts all clips in your search results from the lowest duration to the highest duration.

Filtering your clips by duration, on the other hand, will limit your search results to only show clips with a specific duration.  For example, selecting the option ">30 seconds" will only display clips in your search results that have a duration greater than 30 seconds.


Most of our cinematographers upload their footage to our site in large batches of clips called "submissions", which are often similar to each other in terms of content.  If you are interested in a particular clip and are curious to see if there is additional footage from the same cinematographer that is similar to said clip, there are two ways you can do this.

The first method you can use to find all clips in a submission is to search by clip code.  The clip code listed at the top of every clip thumbnail image:

The first part of the clip code listed before the underscore indicates the submission the clip belongs to.  Enter this submission name into the search bar as you would with any other keyword, and the search results will show you all clips from that submission.  For example, searching by submission code BG165 will display all clips in that submission:

The second method you can use to find all clips in a submission is by using the "View Entire Submission" link.  To find this link, click directly on the clip code, which will take you to the Clip Detail Page.  

On this page, displayed above the video and to the right of the clip code, click on the link that says "View Entire Submission".


Another way to view clips that are similar to each other is to check and see if the clips is part of a Sequence, which is a collection of clips created by the cinematographer.  Cinematographers create Sequences for clips that have similar subject matter, such as a batch of clips that tell a story, display a certain animal behavior, or just feature similar species.  Please note that not every clip in the collection is part of a Sequence.  To find the Sequence link, click on a clip's thumbnail image to open up the Video Player, and if the clip is part of a Sequence you will see the link below the video and above the keywords attached to the clip:


Clipbins are a tool available on your NatureFootage account that are used for storing clips that you are interested in for preview, download, or final purchase.  For more information on how to use Clipbins, please review the help articles in our Clipbin Guide.


If you don't find what you're specifically looking for, we recommend also searching more generic or broader search terms as well. We also offer Free Research if you need additional assistance.
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